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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 21, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>, one firefighter was heard
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with burns on his hands. he should survive his injuries. according to the fire department, they believe the fire started, and the laundry room, maybe the dryer. the fire raced through the walls, the attic caught on fire. fortunately no students were injured, 20 people inside at the time and they were able to get out safely. they should have house and with friends or families, so the red cross is not here. at least everyone is safe. hopefully later we will try to get a live interview with the fire department. >> keeping our eyes on bay area weather on the spare the air day. the summer starts today. james fletcher with a major cue
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from mother nature, very high temperatures. >> that is the son. that is what is one to be a blistering way hot come this afternoon. kron 4 with the headlines this morning, it is going to be clear and mild. summer begins today and it will begin with the warmest day of the week. substitute award for hot, it will feel that way. wrecker bricky heat for a few bay area locations. -- record breaking hot pot. '70s and '80s a well- defined and it been in bay area locations. we have some 90s popping up on the map. antioch, and the delta, close to 100 by noon, livermore also on track for that. widespread 90s and then by 2:00 p.m. a lot more when hundreds100s. we will remae
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along the coast with a '60s-'80s. paris we have a real range of temperatures. if he does too much in linz, head to the coast, that is where you'll find relief. by 8:00 p.m. we will pull back on those high temperatures with '70s and '80s returning and not until 11:00 p.m. to begin to cool off especially around the coast and the media day with temperatures returning to upper 80s in downtown san francisco. copeland could very well read the record today.
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hayward is also in that same mix. that will likely be your old record of 92. six concord to break their record as well. 100 and pleasanton, livermore, antioch, brett wood, los gatos, the list goes on and on. 95 expected in san jose. how long lease harbors last? probably not pass today. it is written out in the mid-60s with antioch coming in at 71. the 100 degree weather will probably hang on just for today. tomorrow inland spots will cool off a little bit but not until thursday and friday to we mellow out as we head towards a more comparable weekend. >> more on the weather, it comfortable place to be is the bay area beach. paul louisa hodge is alive and san francisco with more on the conditions. >> her good morning, we are at the christie field beach, one of the more popular spots today.
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summer is officially taking into full gear, there is already someone on the beach. notice, he is wearing layers. it is not hot yet, this is probably the best time to get out here, certainly as we head into the afternoon it will be a very different picture. for people heading to the beach today, here is your beach forecast. in the north bay coast line temperatures are going to get up to about 92 degrees and upper 80s we will get swells anywhere from 4-60.
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the beaches are not pack yet but as we head into the afternoon that it will be a different >> we will be watching temperatures around the coast and a high temperatures inland. >> the roadways are great so far, we are not looking at any hot spots, there are no major incidents or unusual delays or slowdowns to slow your ride. highway 4, interstate 580, we are already seeing heavy traffic, that is usually where we see the first indication of slow traffic. at the bay bridge toll plaza, there is no indication of slow traffic. a great start to the morning right. even with lighter volumes we have observed the metering lights creating a backup. it's looking at your ride on the san mateo bridge is a problem free and lighter than usual traffic
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your ride on the golden gate looks great. there are no delays for 101 southbound through marin county. from 37 down to central san rafael passing the civic center, you will not see much in a way of slow traffic or congestion. on the bridge, an easy ride into san francisco and towards the toll plaza. >> a quick break as the kron 4 morning news continues. it is a beautiful morning. here is a look at the mt. tam cam. there is no fog to speak of.
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>> we have live pictures as the casey anthony murder trial is back on after the judge called for an abrupt recess because of an argument between the two
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attorneys. judge carperry made t clear that both sides need to disclose their opinions of expert witnesses in order to avoid any ambitious. the judge said the lawyers need to be prepared to follow enroll today. we will continue to monitor today's court proceedings and bring you details. r >> 6:11 a.m.. soon, when you purchase cigarettes you will have no way to ignore the warning label because the fda is going to issue nine new graphics cigarette warning labels hethat must be put on all cigarettes sold in the united states. let's take a look of some of the new labels that show the negative effects of smoking. as it will take up half of the pact. it will be hard to miss them. cigarette makers have until the fall of 2012 to comply. they are trying to go after every a
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goalangle. >> we already see those labels in canada and australia. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look from one a creek. 62 degrees right now. temperatures will be sorry later today on this first spare the air day on this first day of summer.
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>> jackie sissel is live in walnut creek with more on the bay area heat wave. >> this is going to be a hot spot around the bay area, the sun is coming up over a walnut creek where they are expected to be in triple digits. you can get a look at where temperatures are at right now. 62 degrees. you
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are looking at a 40 degree temperature rise in the next couple of hours. also, today is the first spare the year day of the summer season. if you can come and take mass transit, public transportation, anything to stay off of the road and keep the ozone problem from existed out here on these hot days. 40 degrees in the next six-seven hours. >> good shopping in to good restaurants make it worthwhile. >> good air-conditioning in their restaurants. >> i go to pat coke is look at
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the fish. that is my suggestion for cooling off period >> you will have to find your way out of the heat, especially if you are inland. it is summer, the kids are at home. here is a live look at mt. tam. we will see warm temperatures. livermore will be one of our hot spots today. 100 degrees this afternoon. a couple cities will be breaking records. oakland, hayward, concord, those are our big candidates. hayward, 94. if we make that prediction we will beat the old record of 92. in concord, and 99. the old record was 101, we are within striking
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distance of breaking that record in concord. santa rosa and san jose are a little further off but still pretty close. we will see about those, but oakland, hayward and concord, a good shot at sea prakriti he today. as for the rest of the bay area, here is how temperatures will play out. >> the possibility of close to 100 near livermore and antioch. fairfield, antioch, the redwood, concord, we could see santa rosa, pleasanton or livermore stand a shot of seeing triple digit temperatures today. by 8:00 p.m. we will begin to cool down, just enough that it
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becomes comfortable. temperatures will drop back into the '60s and '70s. for the east bay, it will not be until 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m. until things cool down. here is where temperatures should settle out at this afternoon. >> here is where we are
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currently, warwick temperatures in the '50s and '60s. your 7 day forecast shows us that hot weather will be today. tomorrow we are not anticipating triple digit weather. cooling down as we head towards the weekend. >> the metering lights have been activated on the bay bridge, that is the extent of traffic. things are pretty quiet. we are not looking any hot spots around the bay area. traffic overall looks pretty good. let's start with a bridge check. the meter lights are activated and a backup is starting to form. the volume has been so light, i do not understand the need for the metering lights. likely to have a backup today. on the san mateo
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bridge, there are no delays. on the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound, a good one. again, the volume is up a little southbound, but no delays across the span. heading towards the peninsula out of san francisco, a 16-80 minute drive time to sfo from where the two freeways emergmerge. look for an easy tro continue to the rest of that peninsula right down towards 92 and even to the dumbarton bridge and highway 84. >> 6:21 a.m., a developing story out of san jose, a fraternity house caught on fire at san jose state university. one firefighter was hurt fighting the blaze. will tran has been out there all morning long, he is joining us with the latest.
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>> for the first time this morning i do not see any flames or smoke coming from the fraternity house. the place is a total loss. here is a video that we shot around 4:30 a.m., even at that time, an hour and 10 minutes into the fight the flames were very high at that time and forced firefighters to take a defensive stance or they were shooting water from above. joining me now is a merry gutierrez, public information officer for the san jose fire department. how to the fire start? >> do not know at this we are in a cool down., it will be some time before we can go in to investigate. preliminary reports, students saw fire coming from the events of the dryer, they reported going on the roof with a fire extinguisher and there were
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flames on the roof. >> how to the fire gets so big so quickly? >> from the first engine company, when they got to the second floor, there was a lot of active fire in the attic space already. the fire was actually in the attic and fully involved already. >> how did the fire fire become injured? >> it sounds like he has first or second-degree burns to his hands. i heard that it was hot a scalding water. the water he sought and can come back down when you are using water to fight a fire, that is probably what happened. >> all 28 students were safely averted by a smoke detector. they evacuated the fraternity in denver with calcite safely. >> are there any sprinkler's
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inside of this please? >> from what i understand that the building was built in the '60s, the only place that has sprinklers was the basement. note their sprinklers. >> thank you, that was mary t. harris, public information officer. another live interview coming x 630. we also have a president -- will also have an interview with the president of the fraternity house. >> the time now is 6:24 a.m., another big story is the record heat that we will expect today. get out there and enjoy the cool morning before it gets too hot. we are back with more team coverage in a couple of minutes. we are back with more team coverage in a couple of minutes. we are back with more team coveragedenny's new tourminutes. of america menu. 50 star cuisine.
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>> everyone has their eyes on greece today. decreases' trying to receive more bailout money from the european union. all eyes on grease to see what they aren't in danger of defaulting on their debt, that
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could send the market's falling. back here we are watching numbers in temperatures. expecting a very hot day on this first day of >> and this is the beginning of the warming trend, we are starting to feel temperatures warm up a little bit. and a lot of people are starting to show up at the beach. it is going to be very popular spot as we head into the afternoon. today is officially the first day of summer. we have been discussing that on our facebook page this morning, talking about what you were doing in this first day of summer. one of the warmest days of the year. one viewer said, i wish i could be cruising in my car with a drop topped or swimming, but i am just going to be at home with the air- conditioning and the game system. i am already sunburns.
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if you would like to participate in our discussion, go to our facebook fan page is like us. >> let's go to the weather center for more on this hot forecast. >> we will set records. oakland, hayward and concord are coming within a degree or two of brigham older records. it will be interesting to see triple digit whether mainly in the east bay and south bay with some portions of the north bay being closed. take a look at what we will see temperature wise today and compare that to where we usually are on june 21st of any given year. here are
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temperatures that we are expecting today. you will see how much warmer it is today the what we normally are on this day. we have gone from unseasonably cool all spring -- and of a sudden, warmer than normal on this first day of 70's and 80's bay area wide. by noon, a lot of 90s in by 2-3:00 p.m. 100. we will start to pull back on the east beginning at
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8:00 p.m.. 70's inland, '50s and '60s at the coast by those evening hours. how hot it will be in your neighborhood? let's run through temperatures around the bay. here is a look at no. 8 temperatures. -- here is a look at north bay temperatures. in the south bay here are your temperatures. oakland will be looking at breaking its temperature records. concord could also break records. here is east bay. hear your temperatures in the valley. here is the south bay. here is where
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we are starting right now. the hot triple degree weather will last just for today. tomorrow will still be warm. thursday and friday will cool off more. >> 60 5:00 a.m.. how is the commute? >> i think it is going to be a little hot today. so far, the commute has been pretty cool. no hot spots or unusual incidents or major problems. there are no unusual delays to slow your ride around the bay the metering lights have been active for about 20 minutes. the volume has been very light for the last several weeks. a short wait, 11-12 minutes is your
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drive time out of the maze. here is a look at your ride on the golden gate bridge, 101 southbound, the volume is up a little bit been no delays on traffic coming in from marin county on 101 southbound. we will take a look at the ride on the san ramon valley as we pick up our camera walnut creek. the southbound commute still looks good. it has not started to heat up yet for the six a right getting down to pleasanton, stone belly, it still looks pretty good as you had passed the 68580 interchange, even on the trip to the sum of all great. the right on highway 880, that in its freeways still looks good through hayward, your approach to highway 92 and the san mateo bridge. >> 6:36 a.m., we are going to continue to fall another big story, breaking news of a fire at a fraternity house in san
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jose at san jose state university. will tran has been following this story all morning, a firefighter was hurt, everyone was able to get out ok. >> the firefighters are still here making sure there are no hot spots. this is three hours after the fire started. here is video that we got when we arrived at the scene. huge towering flames. according to the fire department, this house was built in the 1960's and appears to be a total loss. and there were smoke detectors inside at the time, physically all of the 28 students that call this place home managed to get out safely. this morning that are a combination of tired and shocked. joining me now is the president of the top a signal to tell us exactly what he saw and heard. >> at the time i was sleeping. i did not know what time it was, maybe around 3:00 a.m. or 4:00
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a.m.. i was sleeping and i heard people screaming down the hallways going from door to door, knocking on doors telling people to get out right now. i opened the door, there was smoke in the hallway, we all got out safely and made sure that everyone was out before we left the building. there was really nothing but smoke at the beginning. we saw that it was not a big problem, we call the fire fighters, we thought that things would be under control. we were standing there waiting and after 20 minutes, a huge fire started. we have to stand a block away the you could still feel heat. even one of the palm trees caught on fire. >> it to you by surprise? >>for sure. we thought there was a fire somewhere in the house
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but we thought that it would be under control, we did not think the entire house would be gone. the smoke detectors went on and that is what will people up and will got everyone else. >> thank you. the president of kappa sigma. >> 1 firefighters injured after scalding water fell on to his hands. >> we have some pictures from inside of that fraternity these are pictures from one of
6:40 am
the firefighters. there is a wall of flames, that shows you how intense the fire got in and how dangerous of the situation is when you are a firefighter behind the fire lines. a dangerous situation to say the least. we will show you more pictures coming up at 7:00 a.m.. kron 4 morning news will be right back.
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>> 90 near 3:00 p.m.. 90 is just shy of an old record for this day and oakland's. we will be watching for that. hot weather
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bay area white. a fool to your forecast coming up in just a minute.
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>> fires of boardinburning in as well. right now the fire is 27 percent contained. there is a huge blaze along the arizona and
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mexico border. that fire has destroyed 32 homes and a third major wildfire in arizona. it is 80 percent contained right now. in texas, wild fires of there, 22,000 a. are on fire and brooks county. they are fighting in from above with helicopters and on the ground as well. strong winds and dry conditions are fuelling those flames. livestock has become a casualty. about 200 firefighters are battling the blaze. the texas forest service is battling that flavor as well. >> the missouri river flooding in bellevue nebraska. you can see how deep the floodwaters are. that is a basketball court. it is 10 ft. to the rim. the water level is 8-9 ft.. major
6:49 am
flooding continuing in nebraska on the missouri river. hot and dry conditions. let's get the latest on the forecast during this first day of summer. >> we have a lack of moisture. temperatures are going to be approaching 100 degrees for a handful of locations. here is a live look from mt. tam. whether wyse we are off to a warm start. record heat this try to limit what you have to do outside today. we have '70s and '80s as a solidly around the bay area. by noon, the '90s will take over the map and even a possible 100. by 2:00 p.m. or 3:00 p.m. those when hundreds will really make themselves felt in fairfield, the delta,
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near concord. a big possibility for san ramon, pleasanton and even down in san jose. it will be a scorching day. by about 8:00 p.m. cable pullback to comfortable levels but still be in the '70s and '80s in east bay and south allocations. here is where temperatures will settle after the day.
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>> here is where we are currently. we are off to a warm start with temperatures around the cities along the coast, 60's everywhere else. we'll have your 7 day forecast coming up and our next update. relief on the horizon for the weekend. how is traffic? >> we do not need any relief from traffic so far this morning. we're looking pretty well. no hot spots or major incidences' or unusual delays. nothing for you there which is good a minor backup westbound right in the middle of the east parking lot. the 880 approach
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has no back up on the bay bridge. that is a good ride, so is the commute on the san mateo, much lighter than usual traffic for this 6:00 p.m. hour, even as we move towards 7:00 p.m. for the westbound commune. eastbound, no problems getting back toward hayward. it is still very light on the nimitz freeway northbound and southbound. let's head to the golden gate bridge and you're right, 101 looks great across the bridge. so far, no problems from marin county on 101 southbound. we will pick up the right of san jose next at the guadalupe parkway and even at the bay shore commuter is lighter than usual northbound.
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>> the dow jones industrial average is on the right. the greek prime minister is facing a confidence vote this evening, that means he could pass a more measures and the greek government could receive more bailout money and survive defaulted on debt. nasdaq is up 17, the s&p 500 is up six. we will bring in numbers throughout wall street all morning long. we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. this friday but will be airing nbc programming. look for back-to- back episodes of the date line followed by the kron 4 news has has p.m. seriou
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